Alright, athletes of Queerty.  You’re mobile as per the BUTT rule, you’re SASSY and activated, and now you’re ready to get a strong-ass…ass!  The time has come to move a lot of weight around, and I don’t mean the current junk in your trunk; I mean BARBELLS. Below, I’ll rate the best barbell movements for developing a strong butt (and, spoiler alert: it’s not just about squats anymore) as well as sub-types and common faults to avoid. 

[But first, a necessary but admittedly annoying preface: I am by no means encouraging you or anyone else to attempt these fairly precise and complex barbell lifts with zero experience. Please seek hands-on guidance from a fitness professional certified in strength training (that is, a Certified Personal Trainer or Crossfit-certified coach who uses barbells themselves; not a spin, barre, pilates, or yoga instructor; and definitely not your gym buddy). Phew. OK, now for the fun stuff!]

The following table is inspired by science!  Read more here and here

*Try as we might, a back squat will never have more glute activation than itself.

And there you have it, athletes, a three-part series about butts. It is my hope you’re now inspired to “get up off that thang” and become your strongest, from the bottom up.